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Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast surgery

Breast augmentation (enlargement) An implant can be inserted into the breast through a small, concealed incision.
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Breast reduction Large breasts can be made smaller and more comfortable
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Mastopexy (uplift) Drooping breasts (often following pregnancy) can be lifted to improve appearance
Capsulotomy Release of the constricted shell around an implant to improve appearance and comfort
Implant replacement For implants which may have been traumatised or reached the end of their useful life
Developmental abnormality Correction of asymmetry or shape (tubular breast deformity)
Inverted nipple correction A simple procedure to correct developmental deformities, or after breast feeding
Gynaecomastia Correction of male breast enlargement, a common condition, often by liposuction


Abdominoplasty Removal of excess abdominal tissue, with repositioning of the umbilicus, often after pregnancy
Further information on Abdominoplasty
Apronectomy Removal of excess abdominal overhang, which is often exaggerated by a caesarian section scar
Liposuction Most body parts can be reshaped by permanent removal of fat
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Facelift Restoration of a fresher and more youthful facial appearance
Further information on facelift procedures
Necklift Improvement of the sagging neck and jowls
Browlift Improve upper facial appearance with reduction of wrinkles and wrinkle reduction
Isolagen facial rejuvenation The Isolagen technique of facial rejuvenation works by injecting your own cells into your facial wrinkles. The cells are grown in a laboratory after a small skin biopsy from behind the ear
Blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction) Removal of excess eyelid skin from upper and lower lids
Further information on Blepharoplasty procedures
Prominent ear correction Protruberant ears can be set back to a normal position
Rhinoplasty Alter nasal appearance, hump reduction, reduce prominence, improve tip definition
Botulinum toxin injection To reduce wrinkles, or to treat excessive armpit sweating
Collagen filler injections To soften facial lines and grooves
Split ear lobe repair Repair of ear lobes usually split by earrings



Mole and birthmark removal For cosmetic reasons, such as unsightly moles, skin tags, birthmarks or hairy moles
Skin cancer removal Surgical excision of suspicious skin lesions or biopsy proven skin cancers
Skin grafting Performed when necessary to cover wounds or release tight scars
Skin flaps To cover wounds that will not accept a skin graft or to release tight scars
Scar improvement Topical treatments, steroid injections or revisional surgery
Lump removal Skin lumps such as lipomas or cysts can be simply removed


Ganglion removal Removal of cystic swellings in the wrist or hand
Dupuytren’s contracture Release of flexed fingers caused by tight, thickened cords in the palm of the hand
Trigger finger Simple release of a locked finger by injection or surgery
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgical release of the nerve tunnel in the wrist to improve hand symptoms
Lacerations, nerve and tendon injuries Exploration of cuts, repair of divided nerves and tendons